Now offering Ombre Powder Brows!!! 

What is this service?

This semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo creates an illusion to fill and add thickness to sparse and thinning brows. This up and coming service will soon be taking over the famous  "Microblading" technique.


Why choose Ombré Powder brows over Microbladed brows?

-Less trauma to the skin

-Microblading also causes scar tissue to build in the skin. A lot of people are unaware of this.. Overtime scar tissue cannot absorb pigment. Another reason why people are switching to ombre powder brows.

-less trauma to the skin means longer pigment absorption. (You should get any where from 3-5 years with this semi-permanent tattoo)

-no pain

-healing time is faster

-even oily skin types won’t have to worry about pigment fading faster.

-if you are a person that lives an active lifestyle/worksouts a lot, this would also be a better alternative!

And this is why WE LOVE this service. We are certified for both ombré powder and microblading BUT all these reasons listed above is why we choose not to do microblading. We only choose services that we truly believe in and what is best for our clients! 


-Ombre Powder Brows - $300 (deposit to hold apt $60)

-Ombre Powder Brows Touch-Up - $150 (deposit to hold apt $60)

FYI!!!!! Please text, email us about any new inquires. We do not allow booking this service online. 

Since it takes up a lot of our time we need to be sure we can fit this into our schedule and work around all the other services.

Also if you do book, we do require a deposit of $60 to hold that appointment. It will be applied to your service once you come in. But also give me a 48 hour notice if you plan on canceling/rescheduling. Please be respectful of our time. Otherwise it will not be refunded/not applied to other future appointments, it will be forfeited. Thank you!

(****Summer special, prices will be increasing this fall. Get your new brows while prices are low)




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